Why start a travel blog?

Starting a travel blog is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I have done a little bit of travel through Africa and South East Asia and found that reading through travel blogs was invaluable in helping me to plan my trips overseas.  They have also given me a lot of in depth information on the places I wanted to visit, which has helped me enormously.  Choosing a name for my travel blog was something that took up quite a bit of time.  Everyone who knows me, knows that I love tea!  So while I’m traveling I will be enjoying a fresh cuppa in some pretty interesting locations – so where is my next cuppa?  We will find out.

Often travel blogs have given me a more honest description of places, compared to the usual descriptions in travel books that call every place “awesome” and “amazing”.  I tell you that being pestered by 10 different hawkers every time I wanted to sit down for a coffee in Ho Chi Min City got tiring pretty fast.  Even tips on how to get from ‘Obscure place A’ to ‘Obscure place B’ have been incredibly useful and not what you would usually find in your average travel book.  Saying that, I always take a copy of the relevant Lonely Planet book with me when I travel as I enjoy reading the brief histories of each place I visit and they provide useful maps and recommendations for restaurants and accommodation.  So in this blog I promise to be honest about my experiences, including both the ups and downs.  Like what to do if you get bitten by hundreds of bed bugs?! Definitely not an experience to put on my list of highs from Myanmar.  The answer – wash everything thoroughly and hang everything in the sun for at least 24hrs.

3 days in hospital after said bed bugs incident
Stunning high of a visit to Bagan in Myanmar to balance out the lows!

One of the biggest obstacles in planning a trip overseas is deciding on an appropriate budget.  With my trip through the USA and Central America, I spent hours trying to figure out how much money we needed to save in order to travel through several countries for about 4 months.  One of the most important things to include in your budget is the big ticket items like getting your dive ticket in Honduras or a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon, and of course travel insurance.  I have posted my budget goals and the background to how I set them in various blog posts on this site.

An example of an issue that took a lot of research was visa requirements.  I struggled to figure out what visa I needed to visit the USA because I will not be leaving North America afterwards.  See my post on USA Visitors Visa for more.

I plan on posting about the obstacles I run into and how I have got around them, which will hopefully help save a few people a bit of time when facing the same issues.  I will also be posting about my travels to keep people informed on my whereabouts and information on the places I visit as well as a few nice snaps!

Okavango Delta, Botswana

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