Copan Ruinas, Honduras

We caught a ferry bright and early from Utila and then hopped on a local bus to San Pedro de Sula (a.k.a. the most dangerous city in the world). Don’t worry mum, we didn’t spend long there. We just stayed at the bus station and caught another local bus to Copan Ruinas, which is near the Guatemalan border. The bus trip was quite frankly bizarre. There were people getting on and off all the time, from travelling salesmen selling their wares to preachers forcefully preaching the word of God in very loud Spanish. Andrew was not too impressed as he was pretty sick and just wanted to sleep. So when a pair of clowns jumped on the bus to entertain the passengers, he was less than amused. It all made for a pretty colourful trip to Copan Ruinas.

Once we reached the town we were blown away with how beautiful it was. Gorgeous pebble stoned streets were everywhere and the whole town was surrounded by lush green countryside. One funny thing we noticed, is that in Honduras all the men seem to be cowboys. Driving through Honduras we noticed this and it was more pronounced in Copan Ruinas with every man at least wearing a cowboy hat, if not cowboy boots as well.



The thing to do in Copan Ruinas is of course to visit the Mayan ruins. As you go through the entrance to the ruins, you are greeted by a cacophony of squawking from Macaw Parrots. Luckily they were a lot more beautiful than they sounded! We loved watching them, especially the big flocks who flew overhead and gathered in the trees.


Don’t worry we also found time to appreciate the ruins. They were spectacular. They are the first Mayan ruins we have seen on our trip and they blew us away. The fact that pretty sophisticated civilisations lived so many thousands of years ago is pretty impressive and we were amazed that their remnants still remain. Walking through the ruins is truly awe-inspiring.



It was then time to say goodbye to our brief visit to Copan Ruinas. We were so pleased that we decided to stay for a while in this beautiful place.

Here is a breakdown of our costs for 2 days:

Budget = US$107 (NZ$160)

Accommodation – US$25

Activities – US$31

Food/Drink – US$19

Travel (incl. Taxis) – US$44.50

Total spent – US$120 (NZ$170)

So we were US$13 (NZ$18.50) over budget. This was due to the long travel distance between Utila and Copan Ruinas.


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