Cornwall, England

Cornwall is rugged coastlines and sleepy seaside villages. It is full of hiking opportunities and knick knack stores, basically there is something for everyone. A couple of my friends were temporarily based in the small village of Hayle so I thought I would pop down on the train for a weekend escape from London. Hayle itself is quite cute with a few pubs and shops along the main street and it is home to one of the most famous places to grab a cornish pasty – Philps Bakery. I love pies so pasties are right up my alley. These things are huge so make sure you are hungry.

Just down the road from Hayle is the picturesque town of St Ives. This place can get pretty busy in the summer so head down in the shoulder seasons to avoid the crowds. I visited at the end of September and that seemed perfect. The bay is gorgeous and there are plenty of hikes to do around the coastline.


Driving around and stopping at beaches and villages seems to be the best way to experience the area. We stopped at a gorgeous village called Mousehole. The narrow alleyways and cobbled streets are wonderful to explore. The weather wasn’t so great when we were there, however, I think this led to a mysterious and moody atmosphere which we enjoyed.

The beaches along St Ives Bay are lovely to visit, especially if you like surfing. Head to the fabulous Rockpool Cafe just around the corner from Hayle (really good coffee), grab a drink and stroll along the shores.


My time in Cornwall was a delight – filled with relaxation and stunning scenery. I weekend trip seemed like enough time to get a flavour of the area, however you could spend a good week hopping around the endless bays and beaches. Cost wise, it can be as cheap or as expensive as you like, there are plenty of nice restaurants and cheap pubs to suit everyone.

Here is a breakdown of my costs for 1 person for 2 days:
Accommodation – free
Food/Drink – £68 (NZ$136)
Transport – £79 (NZ$157)
Total spent – £147 (NZ$293)


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