Brighton, England

Most people visit Brighton in the Summer, I chose to visit in Autumn. I am sure they are completely different towns depending on the season, but I must say that I enjoyed the moody, stormy atmosphere of a day trip visit in the Autumn. For one, there were not many people around and I was at leisure to stroll anywhere I fancied, without pushing my way through the Summer crowds. I enjoyed taking a walk through the grounds of the Royal Pavilion, where it seemed that past monarchs took inspiration from India, and found the streets of Brighton old and interesting.

Walking along Brighton Pier, in the cold, with the ocean and waves swirling underneath feels very surreal. Seeing the empty fairground rides and concession stands makes the whole place look like you’ve gone back in time, and a glance over at the abandoned and submerged West Pier and old Bandstand completes the picture.


The rest of the day was spent in and out of cafes, of which there are numerous, and visiting the quirky stores along the seashore and in the North Laine area (Gardner St/Bond St/Kensington Gardens). Brighton is a fantastic place to go vintage and antique shopping so browsing around the area is never dull.

Overall, my brief day trip to Brighton was very pleasant. I would not recommend it as a must-do when you are in England, however it does provide a good and convenient break from London. Cost wise, it can be as expensive or as cheap as you would like it to be but you’re looking at roughly £40 (NZ$80) a day per person for food and drinks etc.

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